Delta Zeta Foundation has first $1 million year!

Through your generous support, Delta Zeta raised more than one million dollars in 2021–2022. This is the first time in the Delta Zeta Foundation’s history that this milestone has occurred in a single fiscal year.

The Delta Zeta Foundation began on March 17, 1961, with Mary Collins Galbraith, Alpha, Miami (OH), Alfa Lloyd Hayes, Alpha, Miami (OH), and Helen Woodruff Nolop, Gamma, Minnesota, listed as the incorporators of the Foundation.

In the early years of the Foundation, we offered a scholarship for audiology, two scholarships to graduate students and three $100 grants to colleges and universities. To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Delta Zeta 1976, National Council established the Founders Memorial Fund to provide six scholarships (in honor of our six Founders) to Miami University. This fund merged with the Delta Zeta Foundation in 1979.

For the upcoming academic year, the Delta Zeta Foundation awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships and continues to provide leadership development programming, professional networking opportunities and important mental health resources to all of our members through a grant to the sorority.

These opportunities are all made possible by you! Thank you for contributing to our one million dollar milestone!