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As a treasured member of the Delta Zeta sisterhood, you belong to a remarkable global community of over 285,000 extraordinary women. Remaining involved with the Sorority offers numerous benefits for our dedicated members from around the globe.

Whether seeking professional networks, opportunities to make a difference through volunteering, or meaningful local friendships, your membership opens doors to a world of possibilities. Your Delta Zeta letters will always serve as a proud symbol of your affiliation.

Delta Zeta leadership is dedicated to providing abundant avenues for our alumnae to strengthen their bond with the Sorority. We strongly believe in nurturing enduring relationships and offering meaningful engagements that resonate with our members.

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To connect – or reconnect – with other Delta Zetas, consider the following opportunities

Alumnae Events

Stay informed about upcoming events exclusively designed for Delta Zeta alumnae. These events provide a convenient platform to reunite with sisters, network, and create lasting memories.

Delta Zeta Right Now Page

Visit our Delta Zeta Right Now page to access the Sorority's latest updates, news, and happenings. Stay connected with the vibrant Delta Zeta community by staying informed about our ongoing initiatives.

Update Your Information

Ensure your contact details and personal information are current. This ensures you'll receive timely communications about relevant news, events, and opportunities tailored specifically for Delta Zeta alumnae.

Join An Alumnae Chapter

Connect with alumnae chapters located near you. Joining an alumnae chapter provides a fantastic chance to establish local connections, engage in activities, and contribute to the thriving Delta Zeta community.

Career Networking And Mentoring

Take advantage of our career networking and mentoring resources. Through Truly Connected, Delta Zeta offers a platform for alumnae to connect professionally, exchange knowledge and guidance, and support one another in various career paths.

Support Our National Philanthropy And Service Partners

Support our national philanthropy and service partners by engaging in philanthropic endeavors. Contribute your time, skills, or resources to positively impact the lives of others and embody Delta Zeta's commitment to service.

Make A Donation To The Delta Zeta Foundation

Show your support for Delta Zeta's continued success and programs by donating to the Delta Zeta Foundation. Your contributions enable us to further our mission, empower our members, and provide transformative experiences.

As you continue

to walk truly in the flight of the flame, we are eager to help you enjoy the Many Fruits of your Membership

The items above are a way to stay connected, involved, and motivated as you continue your lifelong journey alongside your Delta Zeta sisters.

If you have any questions about your membership, please contact us at [email protected].

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