Welcome Home!

Welcome to your home in the National Housing Corporation (NHC)! Our mission in the NHC is to provide safe and supportive environments for our residents to flourish and make memories. We strive to work with our unique chapters and provide trendy spaces where our members can relax, study, create community or whatever else college life calls for. We partner with our collegiate officers, advisors, housing professionals and various housing support staff members like the cleaning staff, food service and maintenance professionals to create healthy and happy homes. Collectively, the NHC is still managing our response for health and wellness issues such as COVID-19. NHC continues to fight the pandemic or other spreadable diseases by . . .

  • Frequent cleaning services and sanitization efforts
  • Following all CDC, local health department and campus guidelines
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations, especially in high traffic areas
  • Professional training and support for our housing staff

Sorority living is powerful and creates long lasting friendships. From late night chats to getting ready together in the morning, communal living provides women the most unique experience in their lives to learn, grow and find belonging.

We cannot wait to welcome you home to Delta Zeta!