Women of Achievement

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Discover the captivating and diverse stories of Delta Zetas that serve as shining examples of the values upheld by our Sorority. These women, hailing from all different walks of life, have left an indelible mark in their respective industries and communities, embodying the essence of leadership, service, and excellence that Delta Zeta stands for.

Through their stories, you will witness the Delta Zeta experience's transformative power and its lasting impact on shaping Extraordinary Individuals.

From innovative business leaders who have revolutionized industries to compassionate philanthropists making a difference in the lives of others and talented artists who inspire through their creative expression, these exceptional women will ignite your own personal aspirations and motivate you to reach new heights.

Join us in celebrating the accomplishments of these extraordinary Delta Zetas, as their stories inspire us all to embrace our potential, embrace our sisterhood, and embrace the Delta Zeta spirit that continues to ignite greatness within us.

Delta Zeta: Women of Achievement

Delta Zeta's Women of Achievement

Delta Zeta Women's Membership Organization | Delta Zeta Sorority

35 Under 35 Award

More successful sisters, more Inspiring Stories!

Since 2018, Delta Zeta's 35 Under 35 award has celebrated remarkable young professionals who have significantly impacted their field before age 35. Appropriately, this annual award is given to 35 incredible sisters each year.

Delta Zeta: Women of Achievement