National Housing Corporation Board

Delta Zeta National Housing Corporation Board
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The National Housing Corporation’s primary responsibility is to provide housing for a Delta Zeta college chapter. The NHC Board, comprising passionate Delta Zeta alumnae volunteers, is entrusted with ensuring all NHC properties' maintenance and safety standards.

The NHC Board understands the importance of having a nurturing environment where Delta Zeta members can create lifelong memories. Our unwavering commitment is to offer secure, comfortable living spaces that foster lifelong sisterly bonds and create a sense of belonging within our Delta Zeta community.

Delta Zeta National Housing Corporation Board

The NHC Board oversees the day-to-day operations of the NHC, including:

  • Managing our housing properties
  • Ensuring compliance with building codes
  • Hiring and supervising our dedicated housing staff
  • Managing the housing budget
  • Facilitating communication with our members regarding housing matters

As proud members of the Delta Zeta sisterhood, the NHC Board strives to create a safe and supportive environment where our members can thrive academically and personally.

To contact the NHC Board, please message [email protected].