National Housing Corporation

The National Housing Corporation’s primary responsibility is to provide housing for a Delta Zeta college chapter. Delta Zeta chapters have a variety of housing options, which are supported both nationally and locally. Today the National Housing Corporation, which is located at National Headquarters in Oxford, OH, provides and manages in-house bed spaces for 1,856 collegiate women, and a total approaching 7,500 members affiliated with the National Housing Corporation system across 65 campuses.

To contact the Delta Zeta National Housing Corporation, please send your email to [email protected].

NHC President
Michelle Albrecht Smith (Alpha Chi – University of California/Los Angeles)

NHC Vice President of Local Housing
Kim Jacukiewicz Rodman (Xi Kappa – Rowan University)

Cynthia Winslow Menges (Alpha – Miami University)

Cathy Painter (Alpha Gamma – University of Alabama)