National Housing Corporation

The National Housing Corporation’s primary responsibility is to provide housing for a Delta Zeta college chapter. Delta Zeta chapters have a variety of housing options, which are supported both nationally and locally. Today the National Housing Corporation, which is located at National Headquarters in Oxford, OH, provides and manages in-house bed spaces for 1,856 collegiate women, and a total approaching 7,500 members affiliated with the National Housing Corporation system across 65 campuses.

To contact the Delta Zeta National Housing Corporation, please send your email to

NHC President
Michelle Albrecht Smith (Alpha Chi – University of California/Los Angeles)

NHC Vice President of Local Housing
Kim Jacukiewicz Rodman (Xi Kappa – Rowan University)

Cynthia Winslow Menges (Alpha – Miami University)

Cathy Painter (Alpha Gamma – University of Alabama)