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Generosity fuels possibilities.

We provide merit-based scholarships that encourage her excellence in the classroom.

We support programming ideas that contribute to her personal growth.

The Truly Campaign supports a culture of strong, empowered women.
We give her opportunities for professional connection globally.


As you move on in your life, gift giving will change. I volunteered with my time before I started giving a lot of money. As I moved on in my career, I made a choice. And Delta Zeta was important to me, so I made it one of my giving choices. Join me in giving back by making your gift!

Cindy Tinny Kozil, Foundation Donor

Gamma Beta, University of Connecticut





Without this scholarship, I may not have been able to afford the tuition and fees without taking out a large loan. Because graduate school is right around the corner, I was very anxious about my financial situation. Because I am almost completely financially independent, this scholarship gave me a HUGE sigh of relief in planning my school expenses. Apply for a scholarship like I did.


Ashley Grohmann, Scholarship Recipient

Epsilon Gamma, University of Central Missouri