What is A Sorority

Throughout life, it is natural and normal for men and women to form circles of friendship with others who have common interests, similar backgrounds, personal habits, social tastes, and levels of intelligence. It was this basic human need for companionship that created fraternities and sororities.

What Is A Sorority? | Delta Zeta
What Is A Sorority? | Delta Zeta

Sororities are a self-sustaining friendship organization composed of female students in colleges and universities in the United States and Canada.

Membership in these sororities is a privilege, and all members are expected to exemplify the finest personal qualities.

Members have high esteem and seek high scholarship, promote cultural interests, participate in campus activities, experience group interaction, provide service to others, cultivate friendships and continually strive to improve themselves.

Many of the basic principles of sororities and fraternities are essentially the same, yet each is distinct.

Each group fulfills its own purpose and serves the needs of its individual members by developing effective programs in scholarship, campus and community service and self-improvement.

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Fraternities and sororities on college campuses support the aims and purposes of the institution and are guided by the policies and rules of their own organization.

The fraternity system expresses the American tradition of freedom. Since the first fraternity was founded in 1776 and the first sorority in 1870, they have survived adverse criticism and student indifference and continue to grow because of the basic need for companionship.