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The truly headerThis is where we talk about friendship, show-and-tell the world how our values work in real life, and share the stories of empowered Delta Zeta women.

Many of our conversations will start with topics featured on our IGTV series, The Truly. And, there will be others. Where it goes from there depends on what we learn from one another through this space. Please share your thoughts.

We have what we need—one another and what we believe. So, let’s be authentic. Let’s be hopeful. Let’s be truly amazing Delta Zetas. Let’s go, live truly.

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The Truly Episode 7: Be You

Some of us are graduating and wondering how to take our next step. Others of us may be thinking about life after COVID-19 and how we might embrace change. Dr. Leah Georges joins us for a live chat sharing some ideas on making choices and moving forward. Click on the video below to watch this week’s…

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The Truly: Special Edition

Many graduating seniors are feeling a bit uneasy as they begin looking to their future during the uncertain times of a recession. While the COVID-19 pandemic may be unprecedented, these economic conditions are not, and there are still possibilities and dreams to be realized. Women like us have been down this path before, and not…

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We Have A Heart . . . . for Hearing and Speech

Today, May 5, is Delta Zeta’s annual Heart for Hearing and Speech Day, a day devoted to raising both awareness and funds for our national philanthropy, hearing and speech. Did you know that hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans?  And, because of our commitment, Delta Zeta is poised to make a difference in…

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