April 28, 2020

Six (Plus One) Study Tips for Virtual Learning


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Making the shift from an on-campus environment to a remote learning setting is not always easy. Not only are you having to learn in a new way, but you are also having to socialize in a new way. Thankfully our strong bonds of sisterhood help make socializing a bit easier! For those still adapting to remote learning, here are 6+1 great tips to studying from home.

  1. Create a Dedicated Study Space
    While at school you may have had your favorite corner or floor of the library or a study room in the Delta Zeta house/suite, at home you may need to create your own space with few distractions to help keep you focused and on task. Make sure your WIFI can reach this space, there is minimal noise and continuously use this area daily. By designating a work area you are allowing yourself to have a space you can walk away from at the end of the day to help separate academic and personal life.
  2. Set Ground Rules and a Schedule with The People Sharing Your Space
    Chances are some of your family members are doing their part by social distancing and staying home with you. This may include parents and/or siblings who are also continuing their work and education from home. It’s a great idea to set a schedule with your family members of when your dedicated study time is and when to trade on and off with the WIFI. This will not only give you a start and end time to your academic day but will also help ensure your exams (especially any timed exams) and lectures are streamed uninterrupted.
  3. Get Dressed for the Day
    While it may sound silly, keeping a simple element such as getting dressed for the day can help give a little normalcy to online classes. It can help jumpstart your day by boosting your mood and getting you in the right frame of mind to focus on your studies.
  4. Re-Organize Your Planner
    Many of us keep planners to help keep ourselves organized throughout the day, week, month and/or year. If you’ve already organized your planner according to your in-person semester it’s a great idea to go back and re-organize it according to your virtual schedule. Your professors, work and/or internships may have changed assignments, exams and/or due dates.
  5. Make a Daily To-Do List
    Who doesn’t enjoy the sense of accomplishment, positive productiveness and control that comes with checking a task off a to-do list?! By creating a daily to-do list, those big projects or plans that may be in your planner are effectively broken down into bite sized chunks that are doable. This list also allows you to prioritize according to timelines and importance.
  6. E-mail Your Professors
    Are you struggling with a specific class now that it has gone virtual? Take a second to breathe and remember It is ok! Many professors understand that we all learn in different ways and that remote learning is not always easy for everyone. For many of us who are hands-on or visual learners we may need to reach out to professors via e-mail to ask for extra help or clarification. Remember, your professors want to see you succeed and are more than ready to help you, but it’s up to you to speak up if you’re struggling.

Plus 1. Check in with Your Sisters and Motivate Each Other!
A large part of your college journey includes your Delta Zeta sisters. Stick together and check in on one another. Some sisters may not be adapting as easily to at home learning and others may be struggling with the lack of in-person interactions and normal social life. A simple call or text can be exactly what a sister needs to stay positive and lift her spirits.

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