National Council

The National Council is directly responsible for policy-making and the governance of Sorority business. The Council members are dedicated volunteers who work day-to-day with the National Headquarters staff, National Committees, National Panhellenic Conference Delegates, the Delta Zeta Foundation Board and other Delta Zeta volunteers.

To contact the Delta Zeta National Council, please send your email to [email protected].

Or, you can leave a voice mail message in the DZ Leadership box by calling National Headquarters at (513) 523-7597 ext. 207.


National President
Christy Phillips-Brown, Theta Iota – Western Carolina University

National Vice President
Lauren Davis Campbell, Gamma Psi – Central Michigan University

National Vice President
Laura Baxter Hedenberg, Gamma Beta – University of Connecticut

National Vice President
Cathy Irvin Painter, Alpha Gamma – University of Alabama

National Vice President
Ana Rodriguez-Newbern, Alpha Sigma – Florida State University

National Vice President
Stacey Wheeler Slaughter, Kappa – University of Washington

Past National President
Diane M. Stecher, Iota Xi – University of Missouri/St. Louis

National Panhellenic Conference Delegate
Phyllis Sundberg Davis, Alpha Gamma – University of Alabama