What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

I’ve spent my 25-year career in academic and healthcare philanthropy. Currently, I lead the Foundation for Indiana University Health.

Tell us about a mentor who has shaped your career/life.

The first professional mentor I had was Dr. Joyce Lawrence, the first female dean at Appalachian State University. I was fresh out of graduate school, and she took me under her wing in my first philanthropy job. She was with me when I made my very first donation ask of a donor, and she coached me afterwards on how I could be better. She believed in me, and that active encouragement has inspired me to mentor others now in my career.

What has been a valuable life lesson you have learned?

“Leadership” isn’t a title – it’s an opportunity to inspire and influence others in a positive way. Future leaders can be found across organizations – formally and informally – and they often need only a little support through mentoring or exposure to other leaders to let their magic shine.

What is your favorite line of the Creed and why?

“To my friends, understanding and appreciation” has always been relevant to me – as the friends I made as a Delta Zeta remain some of my closest friends to this day. I share a special bond with these seven friends that keeps us connected – regardless of whether it has been days or months since we have spoken. The unconditional love and understanding is there for a lifetime.