We Have A Heart . . . . for Hearing and Speech

Today, May 5, is Delta Zeta’s annual Heart for Hearing and Speech Day, a day devoted to raising both awareness and funds for our national philanthropy, hearing and speech.


Did you know that hearing loss affects more than 48 million Americans?  And, because of our commitment, Delta Zeta is poised to make a difference in all our communities.


Through our efforts, we give both time and money to speech and hearing related causes which allows our members to continue our philanthropic work on a global platform. Many of our sisters have had the chance to go out into the world and work in speech and hearing fields. Delta Zetas have done everything from fitting people for hearing aids on international missions with one of our philanthropy partners, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, to growing awareness of American Sign Language allowing those with hearing loss continue to communicate. Delta Zeta is truly helping to change lives around the world.


Today we have challenged our members to participate in the 5×5 challenge. To participate members should share their Heart for Hearing and Speech page with 5 people and donate $5 (if they are able), to continue pursuing this philanthropy and help reach our philanthropic goals as a national sorority.