How did you discover your passion for what you do, and what opportunities have helped shape your career?

It happened by chance, actually. I always knew my modeling career was going to be a stepping stone but never knew what it would evolve into. I was working as a lingerie fit model and learned what properly fitting undergarments were supposed to look like and began sharing on my social media platforms and created the #ProperlyFittingBraClub. I truly believe my life’s mission is to help people feel good about themselves, and undergarments are an essential part of that.


Who has been an invaluable mentor for your professional career? What did you learn from them?

Marc Compeau, my college mentor, always encouraged me to work hard, be kind and pursue my dreams, even if I didn’t have it all figured out.


How do you make sure you stay connected with your professional network?

Social media, conferences and weekly calls.


How have friendships helped you professionally? Is there a friend (or Delta Zeta sister) that has been behind you every step of the way on your career journey?

I would be nowhere without the support of my friends and family. While I’ve taken an untraditional path that many may not understand, I couldn’t have done it without the encouragement of my friends, many from college and Delta Zeta. Unconditional love and support has been essential for my confidence!