How did you discover your passion for what you do, and what opportunities have helped shape your career?

I realized I wanted to work with children after a summer of working at Girls Inc. of Sioux City. Girls Inc. is an organization that empowers girls to be strong, smart and bold. A beautiful mission statement for a wonderful organization. It made me realize the true potential of children and if we can work with children early on and address issues, before it becomes a cycle or societal issue, maybe real change can be made in the world.


Reflecting back on 2020, how did you adapt to so many aspects of life moving virtual?

Working from home for a part of 2020, made me realize that I needed to be active. It led me to go on walks or go for a run, since I was not up and moving as much during my work hours. So I needed to find the balance. It also opened up the potential for virtual Delta Zeta events, where we could still see one another and enjoy one another’s company but doing so in a safe way. I never would have thought about virtual sisterhoods if it wasn’t for the pandemic.