How do you make sure you stay connected with your professional network?

Prioritizing your own personal development is a critical aspect to ensuring it happens. I have been clear with my leadership that networking and industry engagement are things I highly value. In return, I am sure to highlight the benefits that these experiences are bringing back to the company. The fact that I can quantify the impact of my development is the key to building a mutual desire for my professional development and networking to continue.


What advice do you have for working in a virtual/socially distant society?

Smile under the mask, laugh at the awkwardness, use the camera or video chat to keep the personal relationships going, encourage interactions with your (and your co-workers) pets, kids, families, and be understanding and forgiving. Times are different/difficult, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t humans. We all crave personal interaction and connection so strive to help others feel comfortable in their new normal, while you grow in the comfort of yours.