How did you discover your passion for what you do?

You can ask any of my friends – I love to talk. So, it was fitting that I went into a field focused on communication and engagement. The first part of my career, I concentrated on improving employee engagement for corporate Kroger, and now I am at Northern Kentucky University helping to improve alumni engagement. It’s rewarding to see the difference storytelling can make. I love getting a story out there and hearing how the reader connected with it. My career has also involved lots of event planning. Once an event is in full motion, I step back and take a deep breath and watch the faces of the people in the room. So rewarding! I also teach. I have been doing this since I received my Masters degree. This has been a true passion. I love knowing I am making a difference in each of my student’s lives.


Who is your mentor, and how did he/she shape your career?

I have two mentors, Jill McIntosh and Joyce McIntosh. Ironically, they are not related! I have found myself leaning on them for career advice and help with my five-year plan. Which by the way, it’s okay if you don’t have. It took me awhile to figure that out. Life happens, and your course may change – that’s okay, sister. But, what’s neat about my mentors, is that they have become my dear friends.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

It would absolutely be to spend time with my family. I have two little girls (legacies!) – Adeline, three, and Evelyn, one. My husband Kenny and I enjoy taking the girls on adventures and watching them learn and grow. Being a working mom can be hard, but it’s rewarding to continue to strive to be the best role model for them every day.