What words of wisdom do you live by?

Thank someone when they don’t expect it. Extending a thank you and more specifically a handwritten thank you card is an excellent way to thank those who need it. Several times a year, I sit down with a stack of thank you cards and write them to the first five people who pop in my head. Not because they have done something for me, but because they have given of themselves for a better world. For those working in public service, it is often a thankless job. Three sentences on a card can renew someone’s passion, confirm their impact and simply improve their day.


How do you continue to grow and be a lifelong learner?

“I believe that education is a lifelong process and the greatest university is the home.” This is one of my favorite lines in the Extension Professionals Creed. Lifelong learning is a characteristic that I hold dear. For generations, we have enjoyed learning together and exploring new things. Some of the most valuable and memorable moments took place at home. Today, I try to give that to my child and, together, we learn through experiences. On the go, I listen and watch NPR, PBS and TED talks. I often refer to myself as a public broadcasting junkie.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I am proudly a nerd girl! When I have a moment of calm, I enjoy diving into binge-watching Star Trek and chatting with friends about episodes. Attending a Comicon in some incredible cosplay is on my bucket list. I also practice playing the guitar. It is my ultimate stress relief. Nothing quite like belting out a song with your guitar on your knee.