How did you discover your passion for what you do?

I was lucky enough to have a mentor in college who saw my strengths in the classroom and suggested a laboratory position for me. My parents have always taught me that if someone I trust speaks wisdom and encouragement into me, that I should trust their judgement. Taking this advice, I applied for the lab position and was selected as a lab assistant in the neuropsychology lab at LSU. This introduced me to the world of mental health, and I never stopped reading, learning and exploring.


What words of wisdom or advice do you live by?

The best advice I have been given is to treat everyone as if they are the CEO. From the custodial worker to the president, anywhere I have worked and any client I have worked with, I have treated people as if they are the most important person. Treating others as if they are valuable allows them to be their best self. When others feel valued and respected, they will work harder for you, with you and because of you. I have never seen a client progress, or gotten a staff member to complete a task, by acting tough or speaking harshly.


Which Delta Zeta shared value resonates with you most, and why?

Community. It is at the heart of my career and my passion. It is impossible for me, as a counselor and as an alumna of Delta Zeta, to see a problem and not seek a solution. At the core of being a counselor, my goal is to help my clients heal and move towards being the best version of themselves. This is the same value that attracted me to the Sigma Chapter of Delta Zeta during recruitment. Delta Zeta is so passionate about the global community and supporting children through organizations like The Painted Turtle, I couldn’t imagine a better fit for me.