Featured House: Omicron Lambda - North Carolina State University

Creating Community on Campus with a Housing Partnership

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By: Kayla Ray, Theta Psi-Ashland (OH), Communications Coordinator


After a three-year process, from design to completion, the Delta Zeta house at North Carolina State University was officially completed in the fall of 2018. Our property is part of a much bigger master plan for the University’s Greek Village concept. The village will feature 20 privately developed fraternity and sorority houses on university property. Each new house will be individually designed, built and operated either by a local non-profit alumni house corporation or a national fraternity/sorority housing operation. The Greek Village will be a hub for all Greek life organizations on campus and will include a community center with programmatic space, a small kitchen and some offices. Delta Zeta is the fifth house completed overall and the third Panhellenic property. All Panhellenic organizations will reside in the Village upon completion (https://fsl.dasa.ncsu.edu/greek-village-project/).


The new house features six ionic columns on the front of the house signifying our six Founders and, of course, the ionic column on our badge. On the back are the four “pearls” presented as insets over the back entrance. The window over the front porch and the widow’s walk railings include diamond shapes also representative of our badge and jewel. Inside the house members will enjoy study rooms, large bedrooms, communal living spaces and an incredible state of the art kitchen that has members excited and hopeful for the upcoming recruitment season.