August 16, 2022

Featured House: Kappa – University of Washington


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The Home Away From Home

By: Maggie Old, Omicron Gamma-Ohio, Digital Communications Intern

Living in the chapter house is an experience that brings the sisterhood together. Kappa Chapter at the University of Washington has built a great sisterhood in theirs! Special thought is given to the design and use of the space helps Delta Zeta members feel they’ve found their “home away from home” within our houses.

Members also grow in their leadership skills, relationships and more ways than could be expected! Hope Klingenstein, Kappa-Washington, Chapter President, used her experience living in the house to help shape how she led the chapter and the relationships that she built. “My perspective on being a leader has grown drastically from living in the house! [I am] able to better listen to other members’ ideas and see what we are doing well, along with always being able to improve different aspects of the chapter,” Hope said.

When living in any chapter house, you can guarantee that you will never find a lack of people there for you. “For me, the best part about living in the chapter house was that I never felt lonely. If I ever needed to talk to someone or just wanted to hang out, there were always sisters around just for that!” Susan Acharya, Kappa-Washington. Susan lived in the chapter house her sophomore year. She saw her sisters every day. They would study together, have meals together and more! “Because of living in the house, I was able to get to know so many of my sisters in a way I might not have if I didn’t live there.”

The experience members receive when they live in their chapter house goes deeper than the meals and relationships. It creates life skills like communication, time management, problem-solving and more that grow from the chapter house environment. “I thought it would be tricky living with that many women, and of course, there were some problems here and there, but overall, everyone was understanding and caring, which made it a fun environment to live in!” Susan said. “It honestly changed my perspective on the world and changed me as a person. I learned to adapt and overcome so many things and wouldn’t have wanted any other experience.”

Delta Zeta houses thousands of sisters in chapter houses who create timeless memories across generations. Ask any Delta Zeta sister to share their experience in their home away from home, and we are sure they will tell you about the bonds they formed, and how they are so glad they took the opportunity. If you’re on the fence about living in a chapter house, take Susan and Hope’s advice and just go for it!

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