Florida State’s New Member DZ Journey

September 26, 2020

Spring recruitment at Florida State University is commonly more laidback than fall formal recruitment. There are also typically less women recruiting in the spring, so the new member classes are not as large compared to the fall pledge classes. This year twenty-one women found their new home at the Alpha Sigma Chapter. Spring classes are always unique. Because they are a smaller group, they are all close with one another and have this special bond.

As the new spring pledge class began their new member journey, the New Member Education Chairwoman, Kiana Stino, had a surprise like no other. Alpha Sigma was able to send the new members on a very special retreat. New member retreats usually are one day events somewhere close to campus; however, this class got a special weekend away at the beach. Alpha Sigma’s “PC 19.5” and the new member education team spent a couple of nights at a beach resort in Destin, Florida. It was a weekend filled with games, bonding, bonfires, learning what it means to be a Delta Zeta woman and making memories that will last a lifetime. New member Olivia Dickman said, “I was showered with so much love. It broke every stereotype of sorority I had and made me feel excited to be a part of a huge family.” The fun and wholesome weekend helped to solidify the new pledge class. Isabella Sheffler said that most of them went into the retreat not knowing much about each other, but after spending the next 48 hours together, they were extremely close. She goes on to say, “I believe that is how it was so easy for us to stay in contact when we were all sent home even though we only really knew each other for about two months.”


The new member process is a very important and memorable part of the time spent as a Delta Zeta. Although this year’s spring pledge class had their time cut short due to COVID-19, they made the most out of it and are closer than ever.


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