SeriousFun Children’s Network

Enriching the lives of children with serious medical conditions is a mission that Delta Zeta Sorority is committed to achieving.

SeriousFun Children’s Network (SeriousFun) is Delta Zeta’s Global Service Project, coupled with the Sorority’s national commitment to support SeriousFun through donations.

SeriousFun serves as a support center to its 30 member camps and programs around the world to provide essential resources, funding, training and assistance to help strengthen and grow their global family of camps and programs. This includes The Painted Turtle. Through our partnership with SeriousFun, Delta Zetas have an opportunity to volunteer globally. They have access to SeriousFun’s nine camps in the United States (including The Painted Turtle) as well as their international camps around the globe. This includes two English-speaking camps in Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Through the volunteer experience at any of the SeriousFun camps, our members are not only helping the children they serve, but enriching their own lives as well. Our collegians and alumnae are honored to make a difference for these children.

All of our donations benefit the children that participate in these life-changing experiences with SeriousFun and Delta Zetas.


Delta Zeta Community Fundraising pages for SeriousFun