2023 Nominating Process

Thank you for your interest in the nominating process. Delta Zeta is dedicated to creating leadership and volunteer experiences throughout the Sorority that are meaningful and impactful. The Sorority encourages alumnae interested in visionary, non-profit board governance to consider this opportunity!

All members in good standing may submit nominations, in accordance with Article VI, Section 3, of the Constitution of Delta Zeta Sorority which states:

  • Section 3. Nomination. In January before Convention, the members of National Council, former National Council members, Regional Collegiate Directors, Area Alumnae Directors, College Chapter Directors, National Standing Committee Chairmen and all college and alumnae chapters shall be canvassed by the Executive Director for names of persons to be considered as candidates for election at Convention. These names shall be sent to both the chairman of the Nominating Committee and the National Constitution Chairman and shall be postmarked by February 10, unless otherwise determined by National Council.

Nominating Process Task Force

In Spring 2022, National Council appointed a Task Force to review the National Council nomination process. Chaired by Distinguished Past National Officer and National Constitution Chairman Anne Marie Gavin, the Task Force recently completed their work and reported their findings to National Council. The Task Force was focused on a nomination process that promoted an increased number of diverse, qualified applicants for National Council service. National Council accepted the current recommendations and ideas for future discussion that the Task Force presented.

What’s Next?

Nominating Guidelines and the process for making recommendations for fellow alumnae or submitting yourself for consideration will be shared in early January. This will include additional information from the Nominating Committee Task Force. Information will be provided via email to all alumnae at that time.

Have questions?

Diane Stecher, Past National President and 2023 Nominating Committee Chairman, and Anne Marie Jones Gavin, Distinguished Past National Officer and National Constitution Chairman, will host a townhall for alumnae interested in National Council Service on Thursday, February 2, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. Click here to register.

Additionally, a course will be made available on The Learning Center, which shares more detailed information about National Council service.