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Empowerment is yours to have and share.

Alumnae Membership

Delta Zeta is enhancing alumnae engagement by making it easier to connect with one another, improving the member and volunteer experience and developing programming relevant to our alumnae.

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Alumnae Volunteers

Delta Zeta wants your volunteer experience to be enriching and meaningful. Whoever you are and whatever your skills, situation, age, location, or availability may be, we have an opportunity for you that will be invigorating, educational, and fun.

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Women of Achievement

A woman of achievement will likely identify a number of variables that led to her success. We honor some of the more prominent women we know who point to the Delta Zeta experience as a key factor in their development.

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35 Under 35


Highlighting outstanding members who have achieved success by making a significant impact in their industry before the age of 35.


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