What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

I have a PhD. in public policy and administration, a Masters in women’s studies, an additional graduate minor in communication studies and a Bachelors in communication arts. I currently am a college faculty member teaching leadership, resiliency, nonprofit management and gender and inclusion coursework. I am particularly interested in researching women in the nonprofit sector.

Why do you choose to volunteer for Delta Zeta?

In my chapter, we have a long legacy of alumnae volunteers. I have always been surrounded by caring, active, intelligent alumnae. Our Tuscaloosa, Alabama Alumnae Chapter members and our chapter association members are ready allies and mentors. Honoring our vows to be good new members, collegiate members and alumnae is just what we do. As Marian Accinno Loftin, Alpha Gamma – Alabama, once told me, if we live our Creed, we will live a good life.

Why do you give graciously to the Delta Zeta Foundation?

Delta Zeta has given me so much. We say that Delta Zeta is more than four years, and the gifts of lifetime sisterhood and friendship are rare treasures. Whenever Delta Zeta asks something of me, I try to say “yes.” The privilege of sharing my time, talents and treasure is an honor. To those to whom much is given, much is required.

What is your favorite line of the Creed and why?

“To seek the truth and defend it always” is my favorite part of our Creed. It empowers me to be authentic and caring in all that I do.