What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

Economics, Marketing and Management. I currently work in organizational development and process efficiencies with an interest in wealth management credit lending.

Tell us about a mentor who has shaped your career/life.

Nate Stevens, a fellow banker, author and, most importantly, a friend. Early in my career, he inspired me to dream big, push myself to the limits, and dig deep to press on when the going got tough. Nate had five simple rules to work by when we were transforming the business into a goal-driven and highly successful organization. 1. Don’t take or make it personal; 2. Say “no” to the rumor-mill; 3. Stick to the facts; 4. Give immediate feedback; and 5. Perform and expect above and beyond. Simple concepts to live and work by, and when going through transformational change, they were critical to our successes.

Why do you choose to volunteer for Delta Zeta?

Delta Zeta has been a constant way of connecting with supremely great women from all walks of life. Delta Zeta has remained true to her roots and values, but continues to evolve with the changing times. Delta Zeta is resilient, generous and empowered. Being an active volunteer allows me to be a part of that resilient, generous and empowered spirit and, by volunteering, I become a nurturer of that spirit.

What is your favorite line of the Creed and why?

I love how boldly the Creed starts . . . “To the world,” but when I heard the lines of “To crusade for justice. To seek the truth and defend it always,” I knew my life was about to change. These words resonated deeply with me as a freshman in college, when I became a Delta Zeta, and they became words that I try to live by daily in my actions and words.