What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

I have both an undergraduate degree in Finance and International Business and an MBA with a concentration in Marketing from The Ohio State University. I entered banking first working in indirect lending and then after graduate school in mergers and acquisitions for another bank. As a new mother, I moved to the corporate side in finance and treasury management. I am ending my career in risk management and compliance with a focus on credit risk for a $6 billion investment portfolio and with certifications in treasury management and AML/BSA/OFAC. I have second line of defense duties in compliance and work regularly with regulators, auditors and the ALCO/board of directors.         

What has been a valuable life lesson you have learned?

Resiliency is a critical life skill. No matter how smart you are, how experienced you are, and no matter how you think life will go, life will, at various times, go in a different direction. Skills in resiliency are critical to manage that.

Why do you choose to volunteer for Delta Zeta?

Delta Zeta presented my first real leadership opportunities. I was encouraged by my success in those roles to go further, taking on complex campus leadership roles that translated into managing teams in my career.

Why do you give graciously to the Delta Zeta Foundation?

I was a recipient of two Delta Zeta scholarships and one grant that allowed me to continue with the Sorority and my campus activities. I believe that you can never give back but that you can give forward to borrow from the famous Woody Hayes. I believe in giving the next woman in my position financially the same or a better opportunity than I had.

What is your favorite line of the Creed and why?

“To my mind growth . . .” Learning is a lifelong challenge. Especially in today’s fast-paced world, there is much to learn. And not just book learning. We must learn about ourselves for our own mental and physical health and for the sake of our relationships.