What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

I have both a Bachelors and Masters in communication. I have worked in non-profit communications and fundraising/development my entire career.

Tell us about a mentor who has shaped your career/life.

I have been fortunate to work and volunteer with some amazing women role models over the years. Each one has taught me about how to cherish life, be a better person and not sweat the small things.

What has been a valuable life lesson you have learned?

Your thoughts are like boomerangs. What you pass along to others will come back to you. You are more defined by what comes out of your mouth than what goes in it. The way you speak and the things you say have power. Speech gives us the power to create or destroy.

Why do you choose to volunteer for Delta Zeta?

Delta Zeta provided me with so many opportunities while in college – leadership skills, sisters I never had growing up and provided me with a broader view of the world and my community. As I continued to volunteer with Delta Zeta after I graduated from college, the experience continued to promote my self-growth and provided me with many leadership opportunities as well – not to mention the wonderful women to have supported and encouraged me throughout my life – most are my Delta Zeta sisters.