First, We're Students

Higher learning and academic achievement are founding values of Delta Zeta and remain a priority in all aspects of our organization.

Individual members, potential new members, chapter leaders and chapters are required to meet a national standard of academic excellence. Delta Zeta chapters must maintain a chapter GPA that exceeds the all-women’s average of their respective campus or a minimum GPA of 2.7 to be in good standing.

Delta Zeta chapters nationwide have a collective GPA of 3.38. In addition, chapters are able to set their own higher academic standard by a majority of chapter vote.

Each chapter elects an Academics Chairman to monitor each member’s academic performance. Based on each person’s needs, a unique academic plan is established for her.

Delta Zeta’s National Council has created a mentoring program for use by all chapters. The program pairs members with sisters who have the same or similar majors. The program allows members to share expertise and to address challenges from a very personal perspective. 

Each Delta Zeta chapter is required to have a Faculty Advisor, who assists the chapter in its relations to the university, to offer guidance, to comply with university/campus requirements and to offer assistance with the chapter’s academic program. The Faculty Advisor does not have to be a member of Delta Zeta.