Passionate leader supports her students’ success.

Alma Lopez, Epsilon Epsilon-California State/Fresno, lead school counselor at California’s Livingston Middle School, was named the 2022 School Counselor of the Year by the American School Counselor Association (ASCA). ASCA announced that Alma is the first Latina School Counselor of the Year.

The 804 students in the rural school where Alma works serves grades 6–8 and receive free or reduced-price lunch. The 2,500-student district had only two school counselors when Alma started working there; her advocacy efforts in 2015 contributed to the district’s decision to expand the number to five. “Alma is passionate about supporting our students in succeeding in middle school,” said Jorge Arteaga, Livingston Middle School principal. “As she plans and organizes support services, Alma always thinks of equity and access to ensure our neediest students get the support they need to be successful.”