Finding the magic in science while inspiring future scientists

Cheyenne Robb’s, Lambda Kappa-Alabama/Huntsville, love for conservation and science started with trips to the local zoo, botanical gardens and science center growing up. Her family would go to one of these places almost every week, allowing her to get involved in the sciences from an early age. Science was not a priority in the school system where Cheyenne grew up. “My parents realized this and did everything to expose my sister and me to the sciences,” she shared. “In high school, I had the opportunity to become a lead volunteer at the science museum. This volunteer opportunity cultivated my love for math and science and encouraged me to pursue them in college. Once in college, I had the chance to be an education intern at my local zoo, inspiring other young Alabamians to fall in love with science. If it were not for the education and volunteer programs at my local zoo, botanical gardens and science museum, I would not have ended up with a STEM degree and working my dream job. I am beyond thankful that my community had built these science institutions to help fill those holes where the education system was lacking.” Now, as an intern with the Wilderness Explorers at Walt Disney World, Cheyenne is inspiring the next generation of scientists.