Paying it forward and paving a path for future students

Melissa Wasser, Kappa Chi-Youngstown (OH), acknowledges that her time as a collegiate chapter president prepared her for the next major chapter in her life, law school at The Ohio State University. Now, she finds herself in the unique position as a member of The Ohio State University Alumni Association Board of Directors, representing more than 580,000 loyal Buckeyes worldwide. In her words, “As I went through law school, I realized how the classic law school journey didn’t fit me. I wanted to give back and be the person for others that I didn’t have during law school.  Being one of the youngest board members helps me bring my diverse perspective to the table and contributes to the board’s strategic growth. To give back to the university that made me who I am today through the Board of Directors helps me pay it forward and share my love of Ohio State.”