Empowered Ace

Sofia Hidalgo’s, Pi Sigma-Texas/Dallas, habit of following her passions and interests started young. She is studying biochemistry all because her high school chemistry teacher persuaded her into pursuing a career in STEM. At age 8 she started playing tennis with her father, who had played tennis his entire life. She started competing once she entered middle school. “My favorite thing about tennis is the strategic side of it. Tennis is a physical as well as mental game. I really like to build a strategic plan when playing tennis. And it’s also fascinating how much you can push yourself to do better. I love playing singles because I see all my capabilities but I love doubles because it’s a fun game that can be shared with your partner.”

Sofia says “Delta Zeta has pushed me to follow my passions by empowering me to dare greatly even when I’m too scared to do so. It was actually one of my sisters that encouraged me to try out for the tennis team when I was still doubting if I was good enough or if I had lost my touch after some months of not playing.” She emphasizes that “It’s great to have sisters that care for you and challenge you to do things that you’re scared of.”