For Parents

Like most parents, you want to ensure your daughter’s safety when she is away at college. You may have never had the opportunity to live in a fraternity or sorority house and might have many questions. We know that the years spent living with Delta Zeta sisters are some of the most memorable for members. But what you really want to know is…

So what is it really like living in a Delta Zeta house?

Every house, like every chapter, is unique. Our chapter houses vary in size, decor, configuration and personality. But each one offers similar experiences and opportunities. What we do know is that…

Your daughter will have fun.

Sisterhood events, hanging out and watching movies, getting ready for a formal event—chapter houses are a place to have fun, relax, and spend time with your friends and sisters.

Your daughter will learn.

Chapter houses provide quiet time and study space to focus on classes. They’re also a place to learn from sisters. Living in the house means interacting with women who have different interests, goals and ideas, and come from different backgrounds.

They’ll be freedom … and responsibility.

Living on her own is exciting! Your daughter will get to make choices about her schedule and lifestyle, enjoying the freedom of young adulthood. Living in the house provides that freedom. It also helps teach about the responsibilities that come with independence. Members help run the house, including planning meals, and are expected to work out conflicts and help fellow sisters.

She will be safe.

Safety is always a priority. Chapter facilities include safety measures like sprinkler systems, outdoor security lighting and smoke-free environments. They also undergo regular mechanical and health inspections.