Lifelong commitment to Delta Zeta

When Lisa Eidlin McCarthy, Xi Alpha, University of Massachusetts, isn’t working at the Bronx Zoo, she is busy volunteering for the NYC Women’s March 2020, the Town of Southeast, NY Historic States Commission and other canine specific organizations.

“I majored in zoology in college,” Lisa shared. “And, I actually use this degree – to work in a zoo! I have worked for the Bronx Zoo, as part of the Wildlife Conservative Agency, for 26 years.” Lisa also serves as the President-Elect of the Association of Zoo Veterinary Technicians.

After graduation, Lisa has remained active with Delta Zeta. She served as the NY State Alumnae Chairman, Northeast Area Alumnae Director, New York City Panhellenic representative and Vice-President and also as a member of the Constitution Committee. She currently serves as the Alumnae Chapter President for the Lower Hudson Valley.

One of Lisa’s most valued experiences as a Delta Zeta alumna is Truly Connected – she has attended every single one.

“My favorite part of Truly Connected Washington, D.C. was discussing generational challenges in the workplace. We represented Gen Z, Millenials and Gen X all at one table,” Lisa said. “We discussed a lot of the grey areas of generational delineations and how those born on the cusps may have traits common to both generations.”

Lisa shared that, to her, “Empower the Woman” means teaching and validating; or standing in a power pose and facing whatever is blocking your path.

She also encourages continued Delta Zeta involvement and support of the Foundation. “At different times in the life of a Delta Zeta, we find ways to support our philanthropic mission,” Lisa said. “We can all find that part that sparks us to smile as we give graciously.”