A Collegian’s First Gift to the Delta Zeta Foundation

Emma Pearson (Pi Psi, California State University/San Marcos) made her first gift to the Delta Zeta Foundation as a 1902 Loyalty Society member during the 2019 Norma Minch Andrisek Leadership Conference (NMALC) this past summer. As the Vice President of Membership, she saw firsthand how a gift to the Delta Zeta Foundation can inspire both current and future leaders.

“I will forever be grateful for the women that gave back to Delta Zeta to help continue the beautiful tradition of the Norma Minch Andrisek Leadership Conference, and I really wanted to be part of ensuring that it would continue to happen for other sisters,” Emma said.

While attending NMALC, Emma saw firsthand that what she does on her college campus can not only have a larger impact on the National organization of Delta Zeta, but also on the worldwide community. This revelation left her feeling empowered and wanting to empower her sisters around her in any way that she could.

In addition to her role as Vice President of Membership, Emma has served as Bid Day Chair and has participated in various Delta Zeta committees. At California State University/San Marcos, she is a Senior Resident Advisor for Residential Life and participates in the student government.

As a first-time donor and member of the 1902 Loyalty Society, Emma encourages Delta Zetas everywhere to make their gift this Fall during the Founders Day Challenge.

“It is so important that each Delta Zeta contributes in some way and while it may be challenging for some, even a little can go a long way. A gift during Founders Day Challenge is one small, yet powerful way that we, as lifelong members of Delta Zeta, can continue the legacy of our Founders,” Emma said.