Reflecting back on 2020, how did you adapt to so many aspects of life moving virtual?

As it was for many, I adjusted as that was the only option. One positive from the pandemic was my ability to set boundaries that previously I had not set/kept. This has been invaluable in aligning me with my true authentic self.


What advice do you have for working in a virtual/socially distant society?

Take time for yourself daily, focus on helping others while also focusing on filling up your own cup. Find things to do that make you happy, whether that’s in your career or outside of it. I always thought that the right job would make you happy but realize that’s not really true. I spend a lot of time walking outside and keeping connected via book clubs and socially distanced meetings. I also play a lot of sports because that’s great for me, but people need to find what’s great for them. I get so much energy from other people that the pandemic has negatively affected me, but I’m eager and hopeful as it seems we all see a light at the end of the tunnel.