How did you discover your passion for what you do?

When I purchased my first home seven years ago, I realized the lack of education around home ownership and credit in young adults. I started researching home buying, loan programs and interest rates and tried to convince my friends to ditch renting and start investing in their futures. A year later, I left my career in college student services and embarked on a career in mortgage banking.


Who is your mentor, and how did he/she shape your career?

I am really lucky to be surrounded by some amazing entrepreneurs who have helped shape me. My husband Corey is a small business owner and he helps so much with strategy, marketing and business advice. He loves and supports me, no matter what crazy ideas I have. My business partner Bob Zanlungo who has taught me everything I needed to know about mortgages, and we work together every day to help homeowners. My Mom Bosses CT family, who bounce ideas off of one another about everything to do with business and raising families.


What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I have three kids under the age of four, so running around with them, playing and going on adventures is how I spend most of my free time. I also co-founded Mom Bosses CT, a women’s empowerment group helping entrepreneurial women find success in business and being a mom. I spend time in our Facebook group as well as at in person “mama meet ups.”