How you are making an impact in your field?

I founded THR3FOLD to help fashion brands find ethical factories around the world and grow their business for people, planet and profit. We have a technology platform that allows brands to directly find factories to build sustainable employment in developing nations and courses and coaching so they can grow their business the right way.


How did you discover your passion for what you do?

Our Creed starts with a promise to the world to crusade for justice, and that is my life mission, and fashion is the vehicle. I knew I was called to do that. I went on a mission trip to Africa in 2013 where I encountered such joyful, generous people but had little job opportunity and had to choose which grandchildren they could afford to send to school. It was heartbreaking for me to see such hardworking people not have opportunities to provide for their families. I knew I had to find a way for my work to matter. From there I learned that fashion is the largest labored industry in the world, also employing more women than any other industry, and I knew I had to find a way to bring jobs to developing nations so mothers could provide a future and a hope for their families.


What words of wisdom or advice do you live by?

You can’t steer a parked car. I see so many women have great ideas but keep waiting for the right time or the perfect strategy to launch. It won’t come! You have to launch and fine-tune as you go, or you’ll never get anywhere!