What opportunities have helped shape your career?

Truly, the best opportunity I was given was serving as Gamma Alpha’s Risk Prevention and Standard’s Advisor. I did not have a lot of experience yet within my professional role with HR. This volunteer role supplemented my experience with risk mitigation, investigations and conflict resolution. I was able to attend Convention twice as an advisor, which was an awesome experience, too! Aside from DZ, I’ve been extremely fortunate to have experience working within several industries (including Fortune 500, non-profit healthcare and major retail). I’ve met talented leaders who encouraged me early on in my career to pursue my MBA. In addition, I had a majority of my MBA paid for through tuition reimbursement. I’ve also attended many professional conferences thanks to leaders who made it a priority to develop me.


What words of wisdom or advice do you live by?

1. “Always negotiate your job offer.” – So many women don’t advocate for themselves or their talent. Know your professional worth! We are fortunate to live in a candidate market in 2020 with historic lows in unemployment. There are so many opportunities to get additional compensation and other benefits, like paid time off (that can be spent enjoyed with their friends, sisters and family!); you just have to ask for it!

2. “Complete one act of kindness a month.” –Make it a priority to do at least one thing for someone else every month. This has been my New Year’s Resolution since 2017, and I’ve stuck with it! It is so impactful to write a written thank you to someone you cherish or to spend a day volunteering at your women’s shelter. It makes you feel good and, most importantly, it helps others.