What was/is your field of study or professional interest?

I am a Business Operations leader, managing people, centralized processes and technology.

Tell us about a mentor who has shaped your career/life.

One afternoon during a break at an extension presentation, Carolyn Barnes Gullatt, Past National Officer, Theta Epsilon – Louisiana Tech, talked with me about advertising sales. I was an Educational Leadership Consultant which gave me the confidence to go after one of my first dream jobs, selling radio ads for the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Mariners.

What has been a valuable life lesson you have learned?

Women underestimate and undervalue what they bring to their job. We must continue to be bold and have strong voices and silence the negative talk we tell ourselves. I work on this every day.

Why do you choose to volunteer for Delta Zeta?

I am amazed by the wealth of talent, passion and knowledge that exists in our sisterhood. I continue to receive valuable insight and leadership tips from all the Delta Zetas in my circle and try to do my part to reciprocate.

What is your favorite line of the Creed and why?

“. . . that I may walk truly in the light of the flame.” This line reminds me to emanate compassion and find wisdom in every aspect of life.