Women's History Month: Friendship

March 4, 2022

Recruitment these days might seem really different than what our Founders experienced. We go from Zoom interactions when in person events are not able to be held to carefully coordinating conversation groups ensuring as many sisters can meet a potential new member in a short amount of time, however, recruitment really hasn’t changed much from the fall of 1903.
Just one short year in existence, Delta Zeta may not have flourished had it not been for the creativity of the two returning members. Four members from the previous year accepted teaching positions, and three were claimed by home cares, but Julia Bishop and Luella Crugar were not alarmed by this unexpected turn of events. They went to work with good spirits, and soon added five members to their ranks. Luella’s workload was so heavy that she was prevented from giving much of her time to the affairs of Delta Zeta, so Julia was practically THE sorority. She had the pleasure of doing the rushing, using a horse and buggy to take her prospectives for long trips around Oxford, and, finally, the honor of being the treasurer and paying the bills from her own pocket!
Delta Zeta grew and prospered under Julia’s leadership that year as she served as president of the group. Beloved by Delta Zeta sisters, fellow students and members of the faculty, there was probably no woman at Miami so respected and admired. She is one of the women who made co-education popular at Miami. 
How many of us can relate to the Delta Zeta from fall 1903 today in 2022? Building relationships, one person at a time, is very much a part of the Delta Zeta spirit.