The Dynamic Duo

Pam Caraballo, Iota Psi-Texas/Arlington, and I met at our Delta Zeta Bid Day in 2019. Everyone was making jokes and overjoyed to be there. Pam and I connected as we laughed and recapped our recruitment experience. I was so excited to be there, especially because I knew I’d be joining such an amazing organization. We trusted the recruitment process, and it had gotten us where we were that day with Delta Zeta. Greek life was new to me, but I took a chance. When I met Pam, I knew she’d make my time as a Delta Zeta even more thrilling. I felt like I had known her my whole life. As I have gotten to know Pam over the past two years, my favorite quality about her is her unconscious ability to nurture. 


We have many late-night adventures I treasure. We never get tired of each other’s company. Even when we’re not physically together, I know she’s only one text or phone call away. When times are bad, Pam sticks by me and makes me feel so much better. She radiates this unconditional love that I appreciate. I’m incredibly grateful for my friendship with Pam because I know she always has my back. We both validate each other’s feelings and keep our thoughts honest with how we feel about the others’ struggles. We go through similar struggles and find ways to help each other find solutions. That is something that keeps us bonded and allows us to be comfortable with each other even in our most vulnerable state. Regardless of any situation I’m in, I know I can count on her. I honestly couldn’t see my future without Pam. She makes me laugh, she keeps me in a positive mindset and most importantly, she shows me what it means to be a sister in Delta Zeta. When I think about Pam, belonging is the value I would use to describe her because that’s how she makes me, and the rest of our sisters, feel. I was fortunate to meet Pam and I know our friendship will last far beyond our time in college. 


Written By: Kaylah White, Iota Psi-Texas/Arlington