Caring for her Community

Katie Staub, Omicron Pi-Frostburg State (MD), and her band of family and friends are taking care of the needs in their community, one person at a time. She started off volunteering at a local resource center which allowed Katie to see the need in homeless community in Baltimore. But, when she switched jobs, the volunteer hours didn’t work for her new schedule. After talking to her mom, Karen, and girlfriend, Lindsey, Katie Kares was created. Katie collects clothing and hygiene products on a regular basis and organizes getting them into the hands of those that need them. Many people ask why she does it. Katie tries to remember as much as possible her place in the world and the advantages she has, and that other people don’t. “I wish that more people would feel like they can come and talk with people that need it and not be scared and nervous. The homeless or those in need are just people,” she explains “They need connection and conversation like anyone else.”