Curiosity - Trying New Things

Whether you are a new member or receiving your golden rose our shared value of curiosity can lead you to try new things at any age. Don’t be scared or shy away from trying something new. Allow yourself a safe space to both succeed and fail remembering not every “failure” is actually a failure.  Many times, what we may view as a “failure” is actually a small success or steppingstone to something much bigger and better. Think about this, we all were babies learning how to walk by trial and error. No matter how many times we fell over, our curious little selves got back up until we were taking one step after another and eventually full out walking. The same is true today!

For example, maybe you want to try your hand at painting. You know you may not be that great at it, but knowing that from the start can actually be quite freeing. There is no pressure or expectation for it to be perfect so you can focus on just doing. Once you try painting for the first time and you take a step back to look at what you’ve accomplished it may not be exactly as you envisioned. That’s okay! There is always room for improvement and just because the first attempt wasn’t perfect doesn’t mean it won’t get better on your second, third or even fourth attempt. Even the things we do well in life have room for improvement. You may even be surprised to find things you did well on that first attempt that were completely unexpected or unintentional.

This thought process can apply to any area of our lives whether it’s trying a new career, a new hobby, traveling to new places, changing your major, etc. It can open “doors” we never could have dreamed of otherwise. So go, live truly and let your curiosity guide you.