Heart for Hearing

Delta Zeta members participate in philanthropy because it changes lives. The lives of Delta Zetas are changed through giving; which in turn changes the lives of humanitarians and the charitable organizations with whom we partner, and the lives of those who benefit from our mutual efforts.

As the only premier women’s organization with a focus on speech and hearing, we use our philanthropy to protect hearing, raise awareness of noise-induced hearing loss and to bring the gift of hearing to non-hearing people around the world. Speech and Hearing have been our philanthropy focus since 1954. And now, thanks to our partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation whose missions help the world to hear, we can use philanthropy to improve lives through spoken communications.

Our goal to raise $5,000,000 for the Starkey Hearing Foundation started with Delta Zeta’s Hike for Hearing in February 2015 and has now become Heart for Hearing. It will help  realize a dream to open speech clinics for those who have only just begun to hear.

Visit the Heart for Hearing website