Updated Legacy Policy

We are pleased to share National Council recently approved the recommended changes of the Delta Zeta Legacy Policy. We believe these will simplify and further support the process of the local membership decisions at the chapter level.

The changes to the policy include the following:

  • A Delta Zeta legacy is defined as the biological or adopted daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter or sister of an initiated member (alive or deceased) of any Delta Zeta chapter. This may include legal guardians, half-sisters or step relations if the relationship to the Delta Zeta member has been a close one.
  • Any potential member, including legacies, must meet the minimum requirement of a 2.7 GPA; an individual chapter may set a higher GPA requirement, in accord with the National Academic policy. The GPA requirement for membership is stated in each chapter’s current approved Chapter Bylaws. The chapter shall not require a legacy’s GPA to be higher, or allow it to be lower, than a potential new member who is not a Delta Zeta legacy.
  • A legacy may only be released from a chapter’s membership invitation list with reasonable justification and prior approval of the chapter’s CCD (Regional Collegiate Director, if there is not a CCD). A CCD may contact her Regional Collegiate Director or National Recruitment Chairman for guidance, as needed, but this approval is not required since membership decisions are made at the local chapter level.

A copy of the policy in its entirety can be found here: Legacy Policy 2018

Please direct any questions regarding the updated policy to DZLeadership@deltazeta.org.